Biography of King of Egipto Narmer o Merinar (ca. 3100 a.C.)

(Nar-mr or Mr-i-nar) Name Horus of the last King of the pretinita era, identified by some Egyptologists you Menes and Aha, "The fighter". Narmer, considered the first King of the first dynasty, a famous and magnificent votive palette has become (64 cm in height), found in 1898 in Hieraconpolis (today in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo), carved in green shale, which is graphically recalls on its two sides his victory over a Firecrest in the swamps of Mareotis, called Uash. In addition, also from Hieraconpolis, has been preserved part of its maza (19'8 cm in height, now in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford), which is represented for the first time in history the ritual scene of the Sed party. A third archaeological object, a cylinder of ivory, shows Narmer's victory over Libyan people. These documents prove that such a King ruled in a unified country, as it is confirmed by the headdress exhibited in such archaeological objects (red-crowned and white Crown). The name of Narmer appears in some area of Naqada cylinders and various vessels found both in the Eastern Nile delta and in the South of Palestine: this is a sign of an active trade or its reputation as a victorious conqueror. Also, his name was recorded in the rocks of the Wadi el-Gash, between Coptos and the Red Sea. His tomb - is given also a Cenotaph - had to be in Abydos, in the area of Umm el-Qaab, if of the objects found with his name. He/She was succeeded by Aha, for some, their son.