Biography of Natán (ca. 1000 a.C.)

(Ntn or Nathan) Prophet and Advisor to King David, who exerted a great influence. However, rebuked him by the seduction of Bathsheba, wife of the Hittite military Uriah, and the intentional death, in addition to announce serious future evils (violent death of one of his sons, opposition to his reign). However, before the repentance of David, the Prophet told him the divine forgiveness. Thanks to the support of Nathan, Solomon, one of the sons of David and Bathsheba, managed to be proclaimed successor on the throne against the aspirations of Adonijah, his older brother. Two sons of Nathan (Azariah and Zabud) occupied senior positions at the Court of Solomon. His deeds and his speeches were collected in works that have been lost. Also a history of David and another of Solomon, which has not been found is attributed to him.