Biography of King of Babilonia Nazi-bugash o Shuzigash (ca. 1333 a.C.)

(Na-zi-bu-ga-ash) Twenty first King of the third dynasty of Babylon (cassita) who was elevated to the throne after the murder of Kara-khardash, grandson of the Assyrian king Ashur-uballit I. Nazi-missmetamorphic, a "son of no one", of the military profession, was soon eliminated by the Assyrian king who, according to the synchronous Chronicle, invaded Babylon (Karduniash) to avenge the death of his grandson. The chronic cassita called Nazi-missmetamorphic as Shuzigash. Removed the cassita King, Ashur-uballit I placed as King KurigalzuII. About the reign of Nazi-missmetamorphic order number - which was, in fact, the 26th - the asiriologos assigned the twenty fifth, given the brevity of the reign of his predecessor.