Biography of King of Babilonia Nazi-Maruttash (1323-1298 a.C.)

(Na-zi-marut-tash) Twenty third King of the third dynasty of Babylon (cassita dynasty), successor of Kurigalzu II. Nazi-Maruttash, who has come to varied documentation on various objects (stamps, scepters, discs of stone tablets, a kudurru), began his reign fighting in the country of Namri and the Zagros - as it is known by a Tablet from Nippur - to continue in the Elam. In their clashes with Assyria, Nazi-Maruttash was defeated by Adad-Nirari I in Kar-Ishtar's Ugarsallu, being forced to fix the borders, according to the synchronous Chronicle. He/She was succeeded by Kadashman-Turgu.