Biography of Adrienne-Albertine Necker de Saussure (1766-1841)

Swiss pedagogue, whose main work is progressive, Étude ou L' Éducation du cours de vie (three vols. 1828). His pedagogy is strongly influenced by Kantian thought and Protestant religiosity. Necker understand education as a process that extends to all life, because education means essentially the pursuit of perfection of the man running towards its end, which is none other than God. Education consists, therefore, in the progressive enrichment of personality thanks to the development of his faculties, powers and attitudes in an increasingly full conquest of the values that the man is called to perform. These values do not mean happiness, that is an illusory ideal, but morality, virtue, subordination to the laws of God. He also drafted a proposal for women's education to private life, as opposed to a joint education for both sexes.