Biography of King of Egipto Nehesy (ca. 1715 a.C.)

(Nhsy) Second King of the 14th Egyptian dynasty, known not only for real Papyrus in Turin, but also by various archeological objects located in different places of the Eastern delta (Tanis, Tell el-Moqdam, Bubastis, Tell ed - gave). Called "eldest son of the King" in some escarabeos and an obelisk from Tanis, is ignored by his father, who was given that name has been lost. By two Habue Tell Estelas, we know its dynastic name (neswt bity) which was the Aasehre, which would have been manetonianas Asseth and Archles forms. Some Egyptologists make this name the dynastic King hicso of Khamudy, a component of the fifteenth dynasty. Either way, during the reign of Nehesy is collected for the first time the name of the God Seth, as Lord of Avaris, although his cult would already be implemented in the area previously. He/She succeeded him on the throne Khaitire.