Biography of Xosé Neira Vilas (1928-VVVV)

Spanish writer in Galician language, born in Gres (Pontevedra). Peasant origins and self-taught, he/she emigrated to Buenos Aires in 1949 and then to Havana, with his wife Anisia Miranda Cuban writer. His narrative, realist aesthetic, have a fundamental social and solidarity dimension and evokes with extraordinary lyricism and rawness types and landscapes of his native Galicia. It has been said that he/she has created around a subgenre devoted to the world of the experiences of the rural child and the painful emigration Epic. Among his novels and books of short stories: Memorias dun neno labrego (1961), Xente not Rodicio (1965), Camiño Bretemoso (1967), stories of emigrants (1968), Müller of ferro (1969), letters to Lelo (1971), Remuino of shadows (1973), Aqueles years do Moncho (1977), Dear Thomas (1980) and Nai (1980).


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