Biography of Nekao I o Nekau I (ca. 672-664 a.C.)

[N-k (a) w] During the XXIV dynasty Egyptian ruler of Sais. It was most likely a descendant of the House of Tefnakht and Bocchoris (XXIV dynasty), who held power thanks to the Assyrian king Assarhaddon, after his conquest of Egypt (671 BC). Nekao I, once displaced Government Taharqa, who had had to flee to Thebes, received from the Assyrians jurisdiction over Memphis and Sais (here had ruled Nekauba). Later, however, he/she participated in an anti-asirio plot hatched by the dinastas of the delta. Assurbanipal, son of Assarhaddon, forgave the treachery of Nekao I unless we know the reasons, and this shared power with his son Psammetico (the future King Psammético I), resident in Athribis. The rest of the leaders of the rebellion were killed in Sais, Mendes and Pelusium, either deported to Nineveh, where were also punished. In compliance with the Pact signed with Assurbanipal, Nekao I made using prenombre (Menkheperre) and actual cartridge, acting as a vassal of the Assyrian monarch; However, Nekao I disappeared very soon, possibly executed by Tanutamon, nephew and successor of Taharqa, when the aforementioned Tanutamon attacked North of Egypt (Estela de el Sueño) and managed to take Memphis. Manetho includes Nekao I in the 26TH dynasty and given eight-year reign. The Assyrians recognized as King of Egypt, however, the son of Nekao I, Psammetico I.