Biography of King of Babilonia Neriglissar (559-556 a.C.)

(Nergal-shar-usur or Ne.Nun.Gal-Lugal-u-su-ur) Fourth King of the dynasty of Babylon X (Chaldean dynasty) who after eliminating King Amel-Marduk - who was brother-in-law, as he/she was married to his sister, Kashshaia, daughter of Nabucodonosor II - occupied the throne. In the beginning was businessman and wealthy landowner; then, after her marriage to the sister of Amel-Marduk, conducted some official functions (Royal Commissioner of the accounting of the Temple of Sippar, general in the siege of Jerusalem in 587 BC) and finally agreed with the priests to kill Amel-Marduk. Few things are known of his reign: reconstruction of temples, public works (canals and irrigation systems) and a campaign against the Kingdom of Pirindu in Cilicia. At his death in mysterious circumstances, his son succeeded him Labashi-Marduk, still minor.