Biography of Beato Nicolás Factor (1520-1583)

Writer and Spanish religious born and died in Valencia. He/She entered the observant Franciscans in 1538. He/She studied philosophy and theology in the monastery of la Oliva in his hometown. In addition to literature, which stood out as Latin and Castilian poet, cultivated the painting and music. All this speaks of an artistic temperament, which would be compatible with the different positions of responsibility which took in order to be called to Madrid of Felipe II, in 1571, to be spiritual director of las Descalzas Reales. Later, back in his homeland, you perform identical functions for the Trinity of Valencia and the Poor Clares of Gandia. In 1582, he/she abandoned the observance by recoleta branch of the Franciscan order; However, as this dissolved by Felipe II, it took the habit cappuccino, rather than for a short time, because it would soon return to the observance in her convent of Valencia, where he/she died the following year. He/She was beatified in the 18th century, and his feast is celebrated on December 14. In addition to his poetic work, which has come to us in dispersed form, retain their own letters to a nun [...] on the three routes, which show us in his role as spiritual director.