Biography of Pierre Nicole (1625-1695)

Philosopher, theologian and pedagogue French. He/She taught literature and philosophy in the jansenist school (doctrine with which sympathized) of Port-Royal. When this school was closed, he/she taught at the of Port-Royal-des-Champs. Here he/she composed, in collaboration with Arnauld, the Logique ou Art de penser. From the year 1671 was published in Paris, under the pseudonym of Mombrigny, the six-volume Essai de morale, his most important work, which exposes his pessimistic view of life and ideas about Christian education. Nicole pedagogy is based on the cult of personality of learners. The primacy of the personality and education encrypts it in "the Faculty of judging" and the formative and releasing function of mathematics together with the literature and history.

His most notable works are: Treaty of human faith, the imaginary, the perpetuity of the faith of the Catholic Church and moral essays: of the unity of the Church.