Biography of King of Asiria Ninurta-Apil-Ekur (1192-1179 a.C.)

(Ninurta-apil-e-kur or MASH-A-e-kur) Assyrian king, son of Ili-Khadda - descendant Eriba-Adad Iturn - and protected of the Babylonian King Adad-Shum-Usur, as Ninurta-APAL-Ekur was educated in Babylon. This King is documented in different real lists, the synchronous Chronicle and other sources. Although reached little information of his reign, it is known that you could occupy the Assyrian throne thanks to the intervention of his Babylonian protector, which, in a daring conquest, had moved to Enlil-Kudurri-Usur, son of Tukulti-Ninurta Iof Assyria. Ninurta-APAL-Ekur died after thirteen years of Government, and was succeeded by his son Ashur-Dan I.