Biography of King of Ugarit Niqmepa (1330-1270 a.C.)

(Ni-iq-me-pa) King of Ugarit (Ras Shamra current) who occupied the throne with the help of the Hittites, who displaced the same Ar-Khalbabrother. Both were sons of Niqmadu II. Nothing more to be proclaimed King, Niqmepa signed a Treaty of vassalage formal with the Hittite King Mursilis II, whose text has become copied into several fragments belonging to two tablets. Niqmepa pretensions to the throne, is ensured in the same but instead should adhere to the Hittite international policy, both military (Niqmepa helped Muwattallis in the battle of Kadesh against Rameses II) how economic (Ugarit was interested as a key commercial port). Niqmepa was contemporary of the Governors Shakhurunuwa and Ini-Teshup I of Carchemish, Abdi'anati Siyannu and Benteshina of Amurru, who established kinship ties to marry his son Ammistamru II - had his wife Akhata - Milki II - a sister of the King of Amurru. It has also reached other documentation of his reign, among it a text about the fixing of borders, as well as a decree of Khattusilis III favoring Hittite retailers in their relationships with Ugarit. Upon his death his son, the aforementioned Ammistamru II succeeded him (his other sons, Hishmi-Sharruma and ploughing-Sharruma, had been exiled to Cyprus after being financially compensated).