Biography of Robert de Niro (1943-VVVV)

Robert de Niro

Actor, director and producer of American film born on August 16, 1943 in Greenwich Village, New York. His extensive filmography, their multiple records and their professionalism before the cameras, he is considered as one of the best actors of cinema today, perhaps that has better collected witness from the great figures of the old Hollywood. It has practically been under the command of the majority of the directors of most renowned from the last quarter of the 20th century, and his career continues at the dawn of the 21st century with greater force if possible.

Born in a family of artists (his father, Robert De Niro Sr., of Irish and Italian origin, and his mother, Virginia Admiral, both were painters Expressionists) that he wholeheartedly supported him in his first steps as an actor, his childhood was spent in the seedy atmosphere of the streets of Manhattan in the forties. His screenwriters even have which belonged to one of the street gangs that engaged in committing small crimes in the district, due in part to the uprooting occurred by the separation of their parents when only was a child. However, at just sixteen years old was already professional actor, after having studied dramatic arts at the Stella Adler school, at the Dramatic Workshop and the Luther James Studio (where he would have known his friend, the also actor Harvey Keitel). However, his true School of interpretation was the famous Actors Studio.

His first interpretive works took place in the theater, specifically in the works, the wizard of Oz from L. f. Baum and bear, ChejovRussian, as well as in several off-Broadway productions. As for the film, his first appearance took place in three rooms in Manhattan of Mercel flesh (1965), although the first of the long list of important directors that would be fixed in it was Brian de Palma, at the orders of whom acted in Greetings (greetings, 1968), wedding (1969) and Hi, MOM! (1970). in 1973 he participated in the death of a player, John Hancock, his first major role, although the public would begin to know him for his first role for Francis Forf Coppola, from the young Vito Corleone in the Godfather, part 2 (1974), when already had thirty-one years, where he won the Oscar best supporting actor. To prepare for the role, he had to learn a Sicilian dialect, since during the film it uses only six words in English.

However, before rolling the Godfather, De Niro met who would be his mentor and friend, Martin Scorsese, who has shot perhaps his best movies, in which tends to embody character raised in the Litte Italy New York, with its problems of adaptation in the society and his contacts with organized crime. Mean streets (1973), who clinched her first positions within the young American actors according to critics (who awarded him the prize of the critics of New York) and Taxi Driver, paper that got a new nomination to the Oscar (1976), are two good examples of this first stage.

Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver.

From now on, De Niro began to carve out the fame of an actor of versatility able to perform incredible fanfare intepretativos to make credible his characters. From a Lithuanian worker immigrant and veteran of Viet Nam tormented by his past and the fate of his companions in the Hunter (1977), which earned another nomination to the Oscar, to a jazz musician immersed in a romantic story along with Liza Minnelli in New York, New York (1977, again with Scorsese), his roles ranged from comedy to drama either. Good example of its interpretive capacity was his role of Jake LaMotta in raging bull (1980), also of Scorsese, considered one of the best films of its era, earned eight nominations to the Oscar, and that ultimately meant the second Oscar for the actor. The De Niro had to gain almost twenty-five pounds to give life to the Boxer in decline (story based on the autobiography of the own Boxer). It was also the first occasion that had to share cartel with his alter ego, Joe Pesci, who gives life to the brother of La Motta, a role that also earned a nomination to the Oscar.

After the success of raging bull, De Niro much diversified his roles, which obtained uneven results for the critics and the box office. Thus, King of comedy (Scorsese, 1983) became the stark drama of once upon a time in America (1984) and the romantic comedy in falling in love (1984), together with Maryl Streep. Neither missed stories of science fiction, such as Brazil (1985) and the historical drama in the Mission (1986), alongside Jeremy Irons.

His career received another huge boost thanks to another film in Palma, the untouchables (1987), which made the role of no less than Al Capone, opposite Kevin Costner and Sean Connery. The following year (1988), she starred in a film of action, escape at midnight, which marked its foray into a registry that could not escape its chameleon-like projection.

That same year, after buying a former warehouse cafe near the loft where he lived in Manhattan, he founded the production company TriBeCa Film Center, whose first project was never were angels, coprotagonizado by himself and Sean Penn.

In 1990 he received a new nomination to the Oscar for his role as patient recovering from a coma in Awakenings, Penny Marshall. 1990 was also the year of Goodfellas, where returned to the themes of the underworld together Ray Liotta and his old friend Joe Pesci, while in 1991 it received a new nomination to the Oscar for his role of psychopath crazy in Cape fear.

In 1993 he starred in bride of the gangster alongside Uma Thurman and Bill Murray. In this same year came his debut as a director with stories from the Bronx, unanimously critically acclaimed film. Half the screenplay was written by himself and his friend Chazz Palminteri, in addition to book both the roles actors with adolescent Lillo Brancato. However, his greatest hits them has been as an actor, while not all of his appearances on screen were welcomed, as their participation in the ambitious pace that failed project of Kenneth Branagh Frankenstein (1994), who failed in his attempt to adapt the famous story of Mary Shelley, despite having an astronomical budget. However, Heat (1995) if it was a critical success, film that co-starred with another monster on the big screen, Al Pacino, although it was not treated as expected on the commercial side. Even so, 1995 was also the year in which De Niro returned to work with his old friends Joe Pesci and Martin Scorsese in Casino, a great film that was the best performance so far of the uneven actress Sharon Stone.

Tireless, De Niro continued his career with unequal Fortune securities. The mediocre fanatic, coprotagonizado by Wesley Snipes, was followed by the Sleepers interesantismas and Marvin´s Room, this latest film also produced and which featured Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio. In 1997, on the other hand, participated in a new project of the enfant terrible Quentin Tarantino, Jackie Brown, which recovers to Pam Grier and in which it is also a regular of the histrionic director, Samuel L. Jackson; and smokescreen, a dark comedy coprotagonizada by Dustin Hoffman.

His last appearances on screen are the confirmation of the excellent interpretive moment that is De Niro. After the adaptation of the Dickens novel great expectations (1998) and the Ronin, the actor action thriller gave life to a curious head of the underworld with a dangerous therapy anxiety problems (Analyze this) along with Billy Crystal, film that came out of his TriBeca Films production company. The film had a sequel in 2002, the odenes by the same director, Harold Ramis, and with the same pair of actors under the heading Analyze that. In 1999 it returned to drama with no one is perfect, film decidedly little commercial. His recent titles have been similarly heterodox: a partly animated film, the adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (2000); a comedy of situation, the parents (2000); and two dramas of politico-military court, men of honor (2000) and 15 minutes (2001), about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Actor's intensive interpretive, able to move and have fun, is located at the head of a generation that had to pick up the difficult control of the biggest names in Hollywood. Al Pacino, Robert Redford or Dustin Hoffman, to name a few, have "competed" with the New Yorker in the race's most renowned actor of the cinema of late 20th century. In any case, De Niro has managed to gain a deserved reputation of versatile actor who dared anyone to change registration. By dare dare with the role of the devil himself in the heart of the angel (1987). His performances are never the same, and although not a few critics have labeled you throughout its history of sobreactuado actor, he says that in his papers aims to "show the things so clear and authentic as possible".

Jealous of his private life, is also owner and partner of several restaurants, including TriBeCa Grill, opened in the ground floor of his production company.

On September 30, 2000 he received the Donostia award which grants the Festival of San Sebastián (Spain) to a film career. On the other hand, on September 4, 2004 the Italian Government granted the actor honorary Italian citizenship.

In November 2009, De Niro hosts the first Film Festival Tribeca outside their country, in the city of Doha, in Qatar, which also featured under the auspices of sir Ben Kingsley and Martin Scorsese, among others.


As an actor

1965: Three rooms in Manhattan.1968: Saludos.1969: wedding celebration;Sam´s Song.1970: Hi MOM!; Bloody Mama. 1971: Jennifer on My Mind; Born to succeed; Disorganized crime. 1973: Bad streets; Death of a player. 1974: The Godfather, 2nd part. 1976: taxi Driver; Novecento; The last Tycoon. 1977: New York, New York. 1978: The Hunter. 1980: Raging bull. 1981: True confessions. 1983: The King of comedy. 1984: Once upon a time in America; Enamorarse.1985: Brazil. 1986: The mission. 1987: The heart of the angel; The untouchables; Flight to midnight; Dear America: Letters Home from Viet Nam. 1989: Never were angels; Jacknife. 1990: letters to Iris; One of ours; Awakenings. 1991: Flares; Witch hunt; Cape of the miedo.1992: people of Sunset Boulevard; Night and the city. 1993: The gangster girl; A history of the Bronx; This guy's life. 1994: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. 1995: Les cent et une nuits; Casino; Heat. 1996: Affirmative action; Fanatic; Sleepers; Marvin´s Room. 1997: Copland; The smokescreen; Jackie Brown. 1998: Great hopes; Ronin. 1999: A dangerous therapy (Analyze this); Nobody is perfect. 2000: The adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle; Men of honor; The parents of it. 2001: 15 minutes; The Score; City by the Sea. 2002: Another dangerous therapy (Analyze that).

As a producer

1989: Never were angels (Executive producer). 1991: Cape fear (does not appear in the credits). 1992: people of Sunset Boulevard; Thunderheart; A Bronx Tale. 1994: Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (associate producer). 1996: Faithful; Marvin´s Room; Nine (Executive producer). 1997: the smokescreen. 1999: Nobody is perfect; Flawless.2000: The adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle; The parents of her; Holiday Heart; Men of honor 2001: 15 minutes (15 minutes); A stroke of genius (The Score). 2002: Showtime; Condemned (City by the Sea); Another dangerous therapy total relapse! (Analyze That, in Latin America you analyze). 2004: Envoy; Shark Tale (Shark Tale) (voice); Meet the Fockers (parents of it, the family of my boyfriend in Latin America); The bridge of San Luis Rey.2005: Hide and Seek "Hideout" in Spain and "Sinister mind" in hispanoamerica.2006: El Buen Pastor (Actor and director) 2007: Stardust 2008: What Just Happened? 2008: murder just (Righteous Kill) 2009: Everybody's Fine

As a director

1993: A Bronx Tale.