Biography of Queen of Egipto Nitocris (ca. 2195-2193 a.C.)

(Nt-ikrty) Queen of the Egyptian dynasty VI, who completed the so-called ancient empire. Nitocris, called Netiqerty as name neswt bity and Menkare as Sa Ra, and so-called sister or wife of Merenre II, is known thanks to the references of Herodotus, Manetho (which assigns him a reign of twelve years and describes it as "the most noble and adorable women of their time, beautiful figure"), Eratosthenes and the actual list of the Turin Papyrusdoes her successor to Merenre II as "King of the high and low Egypt". However, such Queen, not collected in the actual list of Abydos, has not reached any archaeological or literary information coetaneous his days. Ignoring all the aspects of his reign - ancestry, facts, duration-, because very soon the legend was commissioned to blur his historical personality, identifying it with the courtesan Rhodopis of Naucratis and by making it construction of the third great pyramid of Giza (the corresponding to Menkaure). The legend credited with a vengeance against the murderers of his brother, after which they committed suicide. In fact, Nitocris - if it was female, as the Turin Papyrus speaks in masculine gender to refer to Netiqerty - reigned in a climate of true anarchy, that the country had been suffering from the last years of the reign of Pepy II. After Nitocris indicated Papyrus of Turin cited still other six Kings, of which only the first three names have been preserved: Neferka, Nefer and Ibi.