Biography of Simeon North (1765-1852)

Mechanical and American inventor born 13 July 1765 in Berlin, Connecticut, and died on August 25, 1852, in Middletown, Connecticut.

In his youth he was farmer in his hometown, and with sixteen years he tried to enlist in the army during the American Revolution, but it was not accepted. In 1795 he mounted a small workshop of farming implements in a small mill near the family farm, and four years later he was hired by the Government to build 500 guns a year. To meet this demand, he developed a form of production that will ensure that each weapon was identical to a model, so that its parts were interchangeable. This system was adopted independently of Eli Whitney. This agreement was followed by others even pistols and rifles, in increasing amounts, who met government requirements. Inventions developed in your firearms include the invention of a repeating rifle up to ten cartridges in 1825.