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Biography of Carlos O'Donnell y Anethan (¿-1830)

Military Spanish died on February 8, 1830, from which data place and date of birth, and place of death are unknown.

Brother Enrique José O'Donnell and Anethan, count of La Bisbal, captain general of Canary, in 1809. On March 1, 1809 complains from Santa Cruz de Santiago (Tenerife) thirsty situation, from the military point of view, in which it is located. Married to María Josefa Joris and O'Donnell.

In 1810 acts in Extremadura (ordered attack Trujillo May 17), quarterback, captain general of Valencia, in 1811. Publishes the proclamation "Valencians", in union with the members of the local Board, in Valencia on July 4, and a "Manifesto", in Murviedro, July 4, 1811 (both published in trade journal of Cadiz, of July 25, 1811): the first informs the Valencians loss of Tarragona, and recommended them to bring their treasures and riches to AlicanteDenia, Cartagena and Balearic Islands, safe places. The second connects the measures taken, and the imminent arrival of the new general in Chief of the army, the Palacio Marqués.

The name of Carlos O'Donnell rang for Regent in 1812. Military leader of Catalonia instead of his brother Enrique, lieutenant general, in 1814, Acting President of the Chancery of Valladolid, in May 1816, captain general of Castilla la Vieja, in may 1817, and President in full ownership of the Chancery a few months later.

Gran cruz of Carlos III and San Hermenegildo, in 1819, an honorary member of the Academy of the immaculate conception of Valladolid. Chairman of the Board interim Government of Valladolid, 10 of March of 1820. Around June-July of 1820 enters an absolutist conspiracy, with Santiago Pierrard and Pedro Aris chaplain.

Director of the Sociedad Económica de Valladolid, between 1819 and 1822. In France, during the years 1822 and 1823. April 21, 1823 Oyarzun Board appointed him captain-general of old Castile again. A series of letters and documents, his and José O'Donnell, offers Paul Orssich in 1996. Father Leopoldo O'Donnelland Jörris.


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