Biography of Héctor Germán Oesterheld (1919-ca. 1977)

Writer of children's stories and Argentine comics writer born in Buenos Aires in 1919 and died between 1977 and 1978, when he/she is kidnapped and tortured by the regime military general Videla. With drawings by Alberto Breccia and Francisco Solano created El Eternauta, masterpiece of Latin American comics which continues re-edited in several languages and has thousands of followers in America and Europe.

Degree in geology, Oesterheld began writing scripts and stories of adventures for cartoons from 1950. He/She became known with Alan and Crazy and then popularized dozens of characters like Ray Kitt (1951), Bull Rocket (1952), El Sargento Kirk (1952), Tarpon (1953), Uma-Uma (1953), White Dragon (1955), Scout River (1956), Ticonderonga (1957), Ernie Pike (1957), Joe Zonda (1958), Mort Cinder (1962), Artemio (1970) and Argon the Judicator (1970), among others. He/She founded the publishing house border and he/she edited the magazines monthly zero hour and monthly border but it was without doubt El Eternauta, his masterpiece, the script that became the writer on forced the Argentine comic. Cartoon began publishing in 1957 with drawings of Francisco Solano López, after the author changed some details of the script, and with strokes of Breccia, El Eternauta appeared in people magazine. After a period of interruption due to editorial problems, the series reappeared in the Decade of the seventies in publication Skorpio and, again, with Solano as a draftsman.

Committed to democratic ideals and the struggle against dictatorial regimes, Oesterheld sympathized with the montoneros movement and was one of the prominent members of Argentine intellectuals faced with the military Government. Hidden for months to escape the men of Videla, on April 27, 1977 he/she was kidnapped in La Plata by military police. It is believed that after it was transferred to the places of detention of the Campo de Mayo and La Tablada, where he/she was tortured and, finally, shot somewhere in the town of Mercedes.

Under the Argentine dictatorship that claimed the lives of more than 30,000 people, the widow of Oesterheld, Elsa Sánchez Beis, lost his entire family. Her husband, her four daughters - wake, Marina, Diana and Beatriz-, his two sons-in-law - Diana and Estela husbands - and two grandchildren - babies waiting for Diana and Marina - disappeared without leaving any trace. Of the nine, could only retrieve and bury the corpse of Beatriz.