Biography of Queen of Macedonia Olimpia (¿-317 a.C.)

Daughter of Neoptolemus, King of Epiro, wife of Philip, King of Macedonia, and mother of Alejandro Magno. Disowned 336 BC, it is believed that it was not strange to the murder of Philip. The cruelty with which chased Cleopatra, his rival, forcing it to hang himself. In the absence of Alejandro, his ambitious and turbulent character gave rise to great difficulties to Antipater. After the death of his son, he/she took part in the civil wars of the Macedonians, and gave the example of shedding the blood of the family of Alejandro, by killing Asideo and Eurydice. Besieged in Pydna and forced to surrender, it was cutthroat in 317 BC, by the relatives of those who had made to kill.