Biography of rey de Israel Omrí (885-874 a.C.)

Sixth King of Israel. Such character, probably of origin Arabic and not Israeli, although he/she is considered Isachar tribe, was the first Chief Military and then, on the death of Ela, which had been killed by Zimri (a usurper who only reigned for seven days), and after a series of fights against Tibni (another aspirant to the Throne), was proclaimed King. His statesmanship was reflected even in the Assyrian sources of Adad-nirari III, Tiglath-Pileser III, Shalmaneser III and Sargón II, which refers to Israel and to the sovereign of shift as sea Khumri (son of Omri), bit-Khumri ('House of Omri') and mat Khumri (Omri' country'). After living six years in Tirsah, happened to set its capital in Samaria, where was able to agree with Judah in the contentious border between the two kingdoms. In addition, to defend themselves against the Aramaeans, established Alliance with Phoenician cities, which resulted in an activisimo trade. Such an Alliance had its concretion in the marriage of his son Ahab with Jezebel, daughter of the King of tyre and Sidon Itthobaal I. However, there was yield to the Aramaeans several cities of the Transjordan and even tolerate the existence in Samaria of Aramaic merchants special districts. Also according to the Mesha Estela (now in the Louvre), he/she fought against Moab, region took from which the territory of Madaba, which allowed him to collect tribute in trade routes that crossed this territory. Omri was succeeded by his son Ahab.