Biography of Jean Orry (1652-1719)

French economist, born in Paris (1652-1719), Lord of Vignory. He/She was appointed successively Secretary of the King, in 1701; Knight of San Miguel, in 1706; and President of the Parliament of Metz. The Spanish monarch, Felipe V, his grandfather Luis XIV of France asked an intelligent person to fix and improvement of the Spanish economy and Felipe V sent Orry. This was little wanted by the Spaniards for being a foreigner and for its proud and wayward; and although its management was successful and revenue increased, it was banished when started the influence of Alberoni, and all his reforms were cancelled. One of the causes of his unpopularity in Spain was to have wanted to enter the French customs of that time in our country. We have the correspondence maintained with Torcy and Chamillard.