Biography of Lino Ortiz Brocka (1940-VVVV)

Director of filipino cinema, born on April 3, 1940 in San José (Nueva Ecija) and died 22 May 1991 in Manila.


Belonging to a humble family, Brocka received an excellent education at the University of Manila. However, his first steps not channelled into the professional world, because the strong religious imprint that had left his mother, school teacher, manifested through its activity as a mormon missionary. He traveled to Hawaii and remained there two years, helping a colony of lepers. He then traveled to the United States and continued his religious activity in San Francisco, city which at the time was a thriving cultural movement. Gradually he devoted to the theater and ended up participating as an actor and director in numerous assemblies, inside and outside their country. With that background, he was elected Chief of the Philippine Educational Theatre Association, which put him in contact with the different aspects of the world of the spectacle.

When he made his debut in the film, he joined the so-called new wave of Filipino filmmakers, determined to improve the contents of the local cinematography. Recalling the content of Spanish and Italian melodramas that viera during his youth, Lino Brocka observed initially by the folletinesco genre, but he always attended in their scripts to the concerns of the poor.

The initial success encouraged him to found a production company, Cinemanila, whose bankruptcy in 1977, borrowed so the Director had to spend the next decade paying creditors. His film Insiang was presented in the Festival de Cannes in 1978, and received good criticisms led that Brocka was gaining prestige in his country, to such an extent that he was elected President of the Director completo Guild of the Philippines in 1980. Unfortunately, their opposition led to the totalitarian regime of Marcos numerous legal problems. This desire to regain democracy for their own, improving their living conditions, is a concern that was reflected in the last stage of his filmography, much more descarnada and realistic.


1970: Wanted; Perfect mother; Santiago. 1971: Tubog sa ginto; Now; Lumuha Pati mga Anghel; Chain of love. 1972: villa Miranda; Cherry blossoms; Stardoom. 1973: Tinimbang ka Nguni't Kulang. 1974: Talto, dalawa, isa. 1975: Maynila sa kuko nig liwanag. 1976: Mondays, Tuesdays, myerkoles...; Insiang. 1977: Tahan na great, Tahan; Inay. 1978: Mananayan; Ang tatay kong manay; In this corner; Gumising ka, Maruja; Hayop sa hayop; Init; Blonde servos. 1979: Ina, kapatid, anak; Jaguar; INA ka ng anak mo. 1980: Nakaw na Pag-Ibig; Angela Markado; Bona. 1981: Kontrobersyal; Burgis; Hello, young lovers; Binata if mister, dalaga if misis; Palipat-lipat, palit paplit; Caught in the act; PX. 1982: Mother dear; Cain at Abel. 1983: Hot property; Adultery; Your body is mine. 1984: Bayan ko, kapit sa patilim. 1988: Male dancer. 1989: Fight for us. 1990: Gumapang ka sa lusak. 1991: Kislap sa silim.