Biography of Félix Osores y Sotomayor (¿-1851)

Ecclesiastical and Mexican writer born in Tulancingo, although the exact date is unknown, and died in the city of Mexico in 1851.

He studied at the old school of Tulancingo, where he was a seminarian for over twelve years and taught as a substitute of latinity, philosophy and theology. Although it was proposed to be Professor of philosophy, he could not access such title by having obtained the parish of Tecicapan. From 1814 he served as political Deputy to the Cortes for Queretaro and before such audience delivered his Sermon in Thanksgiving for the return of Mr. Fernando VII to his throne.

He is the author of the compilation: collection of edicts and diocesan rulings and other superiors, concerning the obligations and powers of the priests of the Archdiocese of Mexico from 1750 to 1800, published in Mexico in 1805.Tradujo to 1809 the first book of the history of Clavigero.

He served as Attorney and Vice-Rector of the College of lawyers of Querétaro. Again he was elected Deputy for this city in March 1821 to attend courts during the legislature in 1822-1823. He was also Deputy to the Mexican Congress in 1822. You are a series of opinions between those who deserve to be named: the opinion of the Committee of the Board of Trustees General (1823), the internal regulations of the Mexican Congress, opinion on the military ecclesiastical jurisdiction (1824) and the opinion on provision of ecclesiastical benefits and exercises of Board of Trustees, all of them are dictated from the city of Mexico.

In 1829 it was proposed that the title of Bishop was awarded. He became a priest of Santa Cruz and Soledad de Mexico. After holding different positions within the Church hierarchy, in 1849, he was appointed dean.

After his death, some of the manuscripts he left have been published: bio-bibliographical news of students distinguished from the Colegio de San Pedro, San Pablo and San Ildefonso of Mexico, dating from 1808, work and history of every school in the city of Mexico from the conquest until 1750, which could have been written in 1829.


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