Biography of Osorkón (ca. 840 a.C.)

(Wasarkn) Egyptian Prince, son of Takelot II, the XXII dynasty, and his wife Karomama (Karamat Merytmut II). In the year tenth first of the reign of his father served as high priest of Amon, Army General and Governor of the high Egypt. Given the existing political instability between the two Egyptian areas (the country was ruled by a dynasty of Libyan origin), nationalist centres in Herakleopolis and Thebes, the Prince placed his headquarters in Teuzoi (El-Hibeh), an enclave in the Middle Egypt. The Chronicle that the own Osorkon ordered to burn in the "Portal of the bubastitas" of Karnak, drafted by way of Annals, we have three attempts to revolt (the second reached character of true civil war) that had to suppress in an expeditious manner (execution of the Theban ringleaders, who were burned alive), apart from the measures of grace, consisting of five decrees of economic type that favored the clergy and temples of Thebesfor being loyal to his father, Takelot II. To the death, happened at Tanis, the throne wasn't to his hands, but his brother Shoshenq III. Unless the causes are known in year 6 of the Government of his brother, the position of high priest of Amon had spent to power of Harsiese II, Osorkon thus initiating a long exile in the North of the country. However, claimed the Prince by his supporters in Thebes, Shoshenq III gave the office of high priest, that performance between 22 and 29 of the own Shoshenq. In the thirty year brother nono, failed to install his another brother, Bakenptah, as a high priest of Arsafes in Herakleopolis. Osorkon died apparently octogenarian and his office returned to be occupied by Harsiese II, who had already played it during the exile of Osorkon.