Biography of Pedro Nel Ospina (1858-1927)

Military and Colombian politician, President of the Republic in the period 1922-1926. Born on September 18, 1858 in Santafe de Bogota. Died on July 1, 1927, in Medellin. His name was Pedro Nel Ignacio Tomas of Villanueva Ospina Vásquez. His family had to go into exile in Guatemala, due to the overthrow of his father Mariano Ospina - President of the Confederation of Granada, conducted by general Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera. He/She began his studies at the Colegio San Ignacio of the Jesuits (Guatemala). To return his family to Colombia in 1871, Pedro Nel continued studying literature and medicine at the University of Antioquia. He/She interrupted his studies to take part in the war of 1876, in Los Chancos, and tick the Arenillo battles.

In 1877, he/she travelled to the United States where he/she studied engineering of mines at the University of Berkeley (California). He/She also traveled throughout Europe to learn about the industrial advancement of those countries. In 1882, he/she returned to his homeland and was devoted to their particular business on land and mines. As a teacher, Pedro Nel was a Professor of English at the College of Santo Tomas; Rector of the school of mines of Medellín (1887) and taught the scientific cultivation of coffee.As a journalist, he/she was part of the literary society of the Liceo Antioqueño; worked as editor of the duty; He/She collaborated in several Antioquia literary magazines of the end and the beginning of the century, the same as in the voice of Antioquia newspapers, justice, El Montanes and the constitutional, among others. In 1890 he/she started his political career as an Assistant to the Assembly of Antioquia; in 1892-1894 was representative to the Chamber by Antioquia; Congressman Antioquia (1894), Senator of the Republic (1903-1910), Ambassador in United States (1910). During his presidential tenure, Ospina was concerned to modernize and industrialize the country. Its motto was "Probity and efficiency", concentrating their interest in the management of public funds. He/She developed means of communication, he/she built the railway from the Pacific, signed the contract for the construction of the pier of Buenaventura, favored commercial aviation; built the pipeline Barrancabermeja-Cartagena; It created the agricultural Bank mortgage and the Controleria General of the Republic. Ospina also worry about Foreign Affairs: in 1924, it re-established relations with Panama and signed the definitive boundaries between the two countries, as well as the terrestrial borders between Colombia and Venezuela. He/She alternated with particular business policy, headed the House Ospina brothers, directed the construction of four coffee companies, founded and organized the Hacienda "La Carolina", manufactured the first despulpadoras of coffee, built car washes and trails, used irrigation, founded Bello fabrics factory, designed the plans of the Antioquia steam - which then would navigate by the Magdalena river - and participated in the colonization of lands of river San Jorge.Autor's poems, such as: Oh, women! (ironic tale), Rio Arriba (thoughts of a traveller who goes alone in a canoe), our land (description of landscapes and Colombian characters).