Biography of Luis de Oviedo (s. XVI-XVII)

Spanish apothecary who lived between the 16th and 17TH centuries, which was his main works in Madrid between 1581 and 1609.

He practiced his profession in Madrid and was the author of a method of the collection and replacement of simple medicines (1581), one of the works on the subject more in Spain at the end of the 16th century and much of the 17TH century. It is a text of a practical nature which, in its first edition, includes two books mainly consecrated to different parts of the plant collection and preparation with them simple medicines. Instead, there is a very small space dedicated to animal drugs and those who "are called metal". The latter are limited to simple mineral already known by the ancients, without even citing the chemical drugs. A third book on "electuarios and oils, syrups, pills, troches", and the third is added in the Second Edition (1595), Oviedo (1609), another on "cerates, ointments and emplastros".



Method of the collection and replacement of the simple medicines, and their correction and preparation, Madrid, A. Gómez, 1581 (reissues in 1595, 1609 and 1622, 1639, 1692, all of them in Madrid).


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José María López Piñero