Biography of Al Pacino (1940-VVVV)

American actor and director, born in New York on April 25, 1940.

Alfred James Pacino was born in East Harlem, in a humble family on the verge of divorce. The first years of his life were very hard. Their unique incentives were theatre performances is assembling in the school and the Zoo, close to his home. His immediate future outlined as a character in film: the poor boy who flees his environment and his home to enroll in the High School of Performing Arts, New York. At the age of seventeen, gave him the opportunity to start your career as an actor and he/she began to combine classes in the Actor's Studio with hunger. Later his family tragedy occurred: in the space of a year lost his parents.

During the 1960s he/she devoted himself body and soul to the theatre. A work by year, from children's parts to assemblies in Broadway, van paying field for the awards that came at the end of the Decade. In 1968 won an Obbie by The Indian Wants The Bronx, and in 1969 a Tony to best supporting actor by Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?.

He has the anecdotes of Hollywood that a young director saw him one day on Broadway and knew that was perfect for her new movie. Paramount executives did not want to hear of it, but the director was stubborn and Pacino got for his film. The director was Coppola and film, the godfather. His performance earned him the first nomination the Oscar. Serpico, the Godfather II and afternoon of dogs provided the following three. But then he/she began the decline, and despite a fifth nomination for Justice for all, starred in a series of failures that were to culminate with A hunt, with which the criticism was Wroth, and which did not last poster rather than a few days.

Had the time to take a break. For four years he/she is detained; I knew that returning already more failures could afford. In 1989 he/she achieved the first numbers from the list of Box Office with melody of seduction, that re-established him as one of the great talents of Hollywood. The successes were accumulating to the point of getting two nominations in the same year: as a supporting actor in Glengarry Glen Ross and as main actor in essence of woman, which finally won the Oscar after seven times at the gates of the prize.

In 1993 he/she starred in Atrapado by its past, the history of an ex-narcotraficante trying to redo an old love affair and get away from the dirty business. Ten years after the price of power, Pacino and Brian de Palma do together gather in this portrait of a man fighting his fate and those who want to control it. His following films described an irregular path, until it was Heat, which was acclaimed unconditionally meet on the screen to De Niro and Pacino, who, despite having participated together in the second part of the Godfather, they had not met even in the same scene. City Hall was merely a foodstuff, but then came Looking for Richard, a trip to the very essence of the scene Shakespeare, where some American players exorcizaban their fears to the works of the English playwright.

Thereafter, Pacino has dubbed its activity. In 1997 he/she starred opposite Johnny Deep Donnie Brasco, the story of a mobster in decline and a police officer infiltrated his gang who develop a teacher-student relationship. The film--which has many points in common with Goodfellas - is based on a book that was published in 1978, inspired by the real Donnie Brasco I. The author still lives under the Government witness protection program. That same year, he/she starred in another literary adaptation, this time based on the novel by Andrew Newman. SUP with the devil, directed by Taylor Hackford, offers the opportunity to Pacino's parody certain types of characters, although the film is not a comedy. Nor is it a drama, but the deployment of a stunning production design that exceeds by far for the screenplay. In his favor is not fall into Manichaeism and let free will take care of settling the battle between good and evil. Pacino slaving only between an inexpressive Keanu Reeves and a model which has as its biggest achievement had been the first Martini girl who went crazy the seducer of dark glasses. At the end, and after the movie is about vanity. In 1998, is facing two projects: on the one hand, Chinese Coffee, an independent film based on the play that Pacino starred on Broadway in 1992 and that it itself, and, on the other, the dilemma, Michael Mann, the history of magnate Jeffrey Wigand tobacco and their relationship with television producer Lowell Bergman directs.

Among all film production, Pacino always had time for the theatre. At a pace of work every four years since 1962, Pacino admits to loving the theater rather than movies.

Pacino is an actor and a star with all that that entails. His extensive career has accumulated thousands of anecdotes and dozens of awards in film and theater, but above all has already entered the category of myth. A myth that was allowed to reject a good number of films that would be, after its premiere, authentic commercial successes. The story still has an incredible side: still in the U.S. many people confuse a Al Pacino with Robert de Niro.

The latest titles has starred include one Sunday, Oliver Stone; claustofobica insomnia, along with Robin Williams and Hilary Swank, and directed by Christopher Nolan; Confidential relationships, Daniel Algrant; The test, Roger Donaldson; The merchant of Venice, adaptation of William Shakespeare's play directed by Michael Radford and coprotagonizada by Jeremy Irons; Ocean Thirteen completo, Steven Soderbergh, along with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Andy GarcĂ­a, in which plays the villain Willy Bank, target casinos magnate of Danny Ocean and his companions, seeking revenge; and murder, in which Pacino and Robert De Niro play two detectives from New York looking for a killer series. June 19, 2007 released a box set titled Pacino: An Actor completo Vision, which contains 3 films of Al Pacino: The Local Tildar (disc 1), Looking for Richard (disc 2) and Chinese Coffee (3 disc), as well as a documentary about the whole race of Pacino, Babbleonia (disk 4).

In addition to the prizes and awards reviewed, Al Pacino received in 2006 the 35th award AFI Life Achievement awarded the American Film Institute and the sponsorship fee of the society philosophical University of Trinity College Dublin.

His works most recent are You Don't Know Jack (2010), that coprotagoniza along with Susan Sarandon and John Goodman, and where he/she plays Dr. Jack Kevorkian; Son of No One (2011), along with Channing Tatum, Juliette Binoche, Ray Liotta and Katie Holmes; and Jack % 26amp % 3B (2011) Jill along with Adam Sandler, directed by Dennis Dugan.


As an actor

1969: me, Natalie. 1971: panic in Needle Park. 1972: the godfather. 1973: Serpico; The scarecrow. 1974: the Godfather Part II. 1975: Late dog. 1977: An instant, a life. 1979: Justice for all. 1980: Hunting. 1982: Author, author! 1983: The price of power. 1985: Revolucion.1989: Melody of seduction. 1990: Dick Tracy; The Godfather III. 1991: Frankie and Johnny. 1992: Essence of woman; Glengarry Glen Ross. 1993: Trapped by their past. 1994: Jonas in the Desert. 1995: Two Bits; Heat.1996: City Hall; Looking for Richard. 1997: Sup with the devil; Donnie Brasco. 1998: Chinese Coffee; The dilemma. 1999: A Sunday cualquiera.2002: insomnia; S1m0ne; Confidenciales.2003 relations: the test; A peligrosa.2004 relationship: the merchant of Venecia.2005: Two for the money. 2007: 88 minutes; Ocean completo 13. 2008: Righteous Kill. 2010: You Don't Know Jack. 2011: the son of No One; Jack % 26amp % 3B Jill.

As a director

996: Looking for Richard (also producer and writer). 1998: Chinese Coffee.


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