Biography of David Padilla Arancibia (1927-VVVV)

Military and Bolivian politician born in Sucre on August 13, 1927. President of the Republic of Bolivia between 1978-1979.

Son of a middle-class family, enlisted in the army, graduated at the military school of La Paz in 1948 with the rank of Lieutenant. Later, he/she became general of the army; from this position he/she led the coup State military, bloodless and without victims, who deposed the Government of another military, general Juan Pereda AsbĂșn. Padilla Arancibia was invested as President of the military Junta on November 24, 1978, although it took the commitment to hold free elections for the Presidency of the country. These elections were held on July 1, 1979, and in them none of the candidates won the necessary quorum; Despite this, on 8 August 1979, Padilla Arancibia handed power over to one of them, Walter Guevara Arze, chosen by the Constituent Congress as the country's President. Since that time, Padilla Arancibia returned to life military without meddling in Government Affairs. His figure in Bolivia has much recognition, by being the leader who put an end to the military dictatorship of Pereda and maintained order in the country, while scrupulously respecting the Constitution until the call for free elections.