Biography of Antonio Palau Verdera (1734-1793)

Spanish scientist, born in Blanes, Gerona, in 1734, and died in 1793. He studied medicine and pharmacy. For some time he worked as a pharmacist in Tordera (Barcelona) and devoted himself with great interest to the study of Botany. In 1773 he obtained by opposition of second Professor of the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, in which happened to Juan Minuart square. There he worked closely with Casimiro Gómez Ortega, holder of the first Chair of Botany in the Botanic Garden, which at the time was going through one of its most brilliant moments.

Academic of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Madrid and of the sciences and arts of Barcelona, whose Experimental physicist-mathematica Conference had already entered when I was a pharmacist in Tordera, was also an honorary member of the Royal medical society of Seville, with the Royal economic society of friends of the country in Madrid. Palau is largely because the dissemination of doctrines of Linnaeus in Spain, botanical system which was not accepted by some Spanish botanists probably influenced by the attitude adopted by José Quer Martínez, when it had already become widespread across Europe. He commented and translated the most important works of Linnaeus, including Species plantarum, which published the practical part of the Botany of the Knight Carlos Linneo name, and in which he added the common names of the plant and its location in Spain. He collaborated with Gómez Ortega in the drafting of the elementary course of Botany, to disciples of the Botanical Garden, and in the description of several new plants.



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