Biography of Yolanda Pallín (1965-VVVV)

Spanish playwright, born in Madrid in 1965. Inclined from an early age towards humanistic knowledge, he/she attended advanced studies in Philology and drama, at the time beginning to engage in theatrical writing. His first steps in the world of the Spanish scene came from the hand of the director Eduardo Vasco, which, among other studies carried out in collaboration with Yolanda Pallín, was dedicated to scene Assembly of motives of Anselmo Fuentes, one of the most celebrated pieces of young madrilenian writer.

In addition to this title, Yolanda Pallín has released gall, no man's land and the hands, the latter written in collaboration with José Ramón Fernández and Javier Yagüe. The hands, which became one of the greatest successes of the Madrid Theatre season of 1998, is the first installment of a trilogy planned by the three above-mentioned authors.

Yolanda Pallín (which, in 1996, was awarded the prestigious prize "Calderón de la Barca") has written other dramatic pieces that have earned the privilege of spending by the printing press. It is the remains of the night (Madrid: scene Directors Association, 1996) and identity card and as life itself, both published by IV sample of Spanish Theatre of contemporary authors (Alicante, 1996).

In General, the dramatic production of Yolanda Pallín advocates a return to the origins of the most basic theatrical forms, in which the figures of the actor and author charge a clear supremacy with respect to the remaining characters that populate the surroundings of the scene.