Biography of Benedetto Pamphili (1653-1730)

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The dramatic production of Cardinal Pamphili.

Other oratorio libretti by Cardinal Pamphili for different composers of his time are the graduates Troiani herois aeneae iter ad Elysium, and Il fratricide di Caino for A. Melani, Santa Agnese Bernardo Pasquini, as well as other scripts put in music by Alessandro Scarlatti, one of the composers that worked most assiduously, which include graduates RosmeneThe Giuditta vittoriosa and Samson Girolamo. Benedetto Pamphili also dedicated their ingenuity to the composition of works of profane affair, as the cantatas and arias entitled Sarei felice troppo, ch´io sospiro belta, già di trionfi onusto and Torna il giorno Fatale, all of them are put into music by Alessandro Scarlatti, as well as the titled Delirio amoroso, whose music was composed by Handel, and twenty-two short cantatas composed for C. Cesarini. In short, leaving aside the brilliance of his dramatic output, Cardinal Pamphili was one such man's open-minded and exquisite sensitivity that made endure the spirit of Italian Renaissance humanism further than the boundaries of the 16th century, and with its patronage and support of the arts got that works that otherwise would have never come to be composed would emerge.


Il Trionfo del Tempo e Disinganno (Oratorio in two parts on a libretto by Benedetto Pamphilj); cast: Isabelle Poulenard, Jennifer Smith, Nathalie Stutzmann, Jon Elwes, Les Musiciens du Louvre; Director: Marc Minkowski; Erato 2292-45351-2. Lucrezia HWV 145 (Italian Cantata on a text attributed to Cardinal Benedetto Pamphili); Hendel, non Può mia musa HWV 117 (Italian Cantata on a text of Cardinal Benedetto Pamphili) Roberta Invernizzi (soprano) and retable Baroque (Marco Brolli, Claudia Combs, Vincenzo Onida, Rodney Prada, Franco Pavan and Michele Barchi); Stradivarius STR 33424. Il Trionfo della Grazia ovvero La Maddalena (Oratorio a tre voci with strumenti; Rome 1685); Libretto by Cardinal Benedetto Pamphili; cast: Gloria Banditelli, Rossana Bertini, Silvia Piccollo, L' Europe Galante; Director: Fabio Biondi; Opus 111 OPS 30-96. HM 90.


MONTALTO, l.: A Mecenate in Roma barocca: il Cardinale Benedetto Pamphilj (1653-1730).