Biography of Panehesy (ca. 1210-1202 a.C.)

(Pa-nhsy) Egyptian vizier, whose origin (perhaps was black) and initial career are unknown. Documented appears in the second year of the Pharaoh Merneptahof the nineteenth dynasty, and it is known that he remained in office for eight years. Some of their inscriptions have been located in Gebel es-Silsileh, both Hood who commanded to do in the speos of Horemheb, and various stelae. His name is also associated with the work of Deir el-Medineh. In several sculpture groups there found Panehesy is represented with the King and Queen, with the indication of some of their titles (Royal scribe, head of the Treasury, Flabelifero to the right of the King, Mayor). It also had religious responsibilities in any festival dedicated to Amon and was in charge of overseeing the Tomb that Merenptah was excavating in the Valley of the Kings. He was succeeded in the visirato by Pensekhemet.