Biography of Leopoldo Panero (1909-1962)

Spanish poet born in Astorga (León) in 1909, and died at Castillo de las Piedras (León) in 1962. He/She studied at Cambridge, Tours and Poitiers, and graduated in law. He/She belonged to the Group of poets from 35. Supporter of the Franco regime, held during the dictatorship cultural positions. In principle, it took contact with the avant-garde, but soon he/she was attracted by religious mysticism and conventional poetic forms. It overcame its distressing Existentialism with the exaltation of conjugal love and faith in God. He/She stressed his reflection on the timing, as well as the quest for the inner man through the humanization and the evocation of the landscape. The great religious poem which constitutes the work stay empty was released in 1944, in the Escorial magazine. Panero also collaborated on green for poetry horse and in the Madrid daily La Libertad.

With writing every moment, 1949, won the Fastenrath prize.

To my sister".

We are always alone. The vientoentre falls Holm and la vega.To our hearts the silent, dusty field llegadel noise.

Someone has, without voice, the old cuentode our children, and our shadow juegatragicamente a blind chicken; and one-handed catches us thinking.

Ángel, Ricardo, Juan, grandfather, grandmother, we touch slightly, and without palabrasnos speaking, they face us, we play them.

We are always alone, always in velaesperando, Lord, to us abraslos eyes to see, while you play".!

(Of writing every moment).

Other works are: Canto personnel, 1953; From the threshold of a dream, 1959; Romances and songs, 1960 and Candida door, 1960. In 1973 appeared his complete works in two volumes.