Biography of Papa Pascual II (1099-1118)

Tuscan Pope, whose name in the century was Rainier di Biera, born in this Italian town in the year 1050, and died in Rome in 1118. Very young he/she still felt attraction to the ecclesial life, and ordered monk of Cluny. The death of Urban II in 1099, the Conclave met at his Church and, despite their protests, Pope was appointed to succeed him.

The issues that arose during his pontificate were the same that had plagued his predecessors Gregory VII and urban II. In regards to the cause of the Crusaders, the Pope favored grademente the efforts made in favour of the liberation of the Holy places; but most serious was the subject of endowments: the antipope Clement III died when Pascual ascended the throne, but three others, Theodoric, Alerico and Maginulfo emerged gradually. Pascual II managed to lock up the first two in a monastery, and the third, which had few supporters, much ignored. Henry IV, which had stubborn in keeping the issue of investiture, died unrepentant Liege, and his son Enrique V insisted on maintaining the same trends as the father, while Pascual II continued throwing anathemas against lay investiture.

The day appointed for the coronation of Henry, was in Rome a tumult, directed by the prelates, which control the Empire were a hit in misery. Pascual was made prisoner with his Cardinals and, after two months in prison, finally relented and signed the Concordat with Enrique V, which renounced all rights that his predecessors had made efforts to keep. The anger of Christianity reached such consequences that the Pope had to excommunicate the emperor. He/She spent his last years dedicated to the defense and explanation of his mistakes. He/She was succeeded by Pope Gelasius II.