Biography of Paser (ca. 1294-1251 a.C.)

(Pa-sr) Vizier of the South during the reigns of the Sethi I and Rameses II, from the 19th dynasty Pharaohs. Son of the high priest of Amun at Thebes, Nebnetjeru, and Merytre, began his career as a Chamberlain of Sethi I. Soon, and by her special personal worth was reaching positions of increasing responsibility until being appointed vizier of the South, when the position fell vacant on the death of Nebamon. Gone Sethi I, most likely was Paser who crowned the new Pharaoh Rameses II, which confirmed him in his position as vizier. For twenty-seven years he/she served that function to the full satisfaction of the Pharaoh, thus controlling the justice, Treasury, the armed forces and most of the branches of the administration. Already increased, and after Nebunenef and Unennefer, now deceased, was appointed high priest of Amon, charge that his father had also played, and that held until the thirty-eighth year of the reign of Rameses II. Paser had collaborated, among others, to Ramose, another important personage of the time, and whose name is associated with his various monuments. Children that Paser had his wife of yours, there is Haunefer, who succeeded him in office, and Amenemope, who was Governor of the countries of the South and Royal son of Kush. Paser have reached different statues - some quality - found in the area of Memphis and Thebes, as well as his tomb, excavated in Sheikh abd el-Qurna, of splendid proportions, but today very damaged.