Biography of Papa Paulo IV (1476-1559)

What happened to Marcelo IIPope. He/She was born in Benevento in 1476 and died in Rome in 1559. His name before the ordination was Giamprietro Caraffa.

From a very young felt the religious call, coming to the end of escape from House during a Christmas Eve to join the Dominicans; his father took out it of the cloister, and only granted permission to study theology. After completing his studies, he/she received the tonsure and went to Rome, where he/she gained positions in the Church hierarchy because of its multiple virtues; He/She was bequeathed Pontifical in Naples and Spain and, when he/she returned to the eternal city, it dealt mainly in works of mercy along with members of the Oratory of divine love, and devised the formation of an order of clerics who was under to the salvation of souls and Apostolic poverty in its primitive form, called the Teatinos or Chietinos. In 1542, already Cardinal, was appointed to the post of Grand Inquisitor, and in 1555, during the conclave held to Marcelo II's death, he/she was elected Pontiff, while with the veto of Spain, that not only I wasn't very much agree with the excessively severe customs of Caraffa, but also feared the opposition of this Pope to rule Spanish Naples.

Deeply penetrated from the sublimity of his office, during his pontificate he/she insisted on pursuing everything that smelled heresy. All this, coupled with his relentless purification of the clergy, the estrangement of the Catholic powers and severe manifestations against Isabella of England, made many bitter encouragement to unite against it, that not hid her relief to know the news of his death, the Roman people reaching the end destroy and plunder its statue. Pope Pius IVsucceeded him.