Biography of Policarpo Paz García (1932-2000)

Politician and Honduran military, born December 7, 1932 in La Arada, Goascoran municipality, village, and died in Tegucigalpa on 16 April 2000, which was the provisional President of the Republic between 1980 and 1982.

He started his career military as a soldier when I was very young, in the first battalion of infantry, and its rise was unstoppable. In 1965 he was sent to the Dominican Republic as Commander of the Honduran troops of the Inter-American peace force, with a mission to help restore the Government of Juan Bosch. Two years later he saw its prestige consolidated following its intervention in the conflict which took place during the month of July between Honduras and Salvador.

Promoted to Commander of the public security force, in 1978 replaced Juan Alberto Melgar Castro at the armed forces headquarters, office where he received his promotion to Brigadier general. That year was the coup against Melgar Castro, after which Paz García, Domingo Álvarez Cruz Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel Amílcar Zelaya Rodríguez formed a Board of Government. Two years later were called general elections for the integration of a national constituent Assembly, and Paz García was elected provisional President of the Republic for the period 1980-1982. During the time he was in power, the General Peace Treaty between Honduras and El Salvador was signed in the city of Lima and took place the elections in which constitutional President Roberto Suazo Córdovawas appointed. Promoted to general of division in 1882, he presided over the oath of the Constitution acts.

After retiring from active politics, he settled in the capital, although he made numerous trips to his estate of Goascorán. In his last years of life lived in the colony Rubén Dario, in Tegucigalpa. He died on 16 April 2000 in the military Hospital of this city, where had been taken seriously ill.