Biography of Pedro I. King of Castilla y León (1334-1369)

Sixth King of Castile and Leon, called by the Judicator supporters and detractors the Cruel. Son of Alfonso XI and Doña María de Portugal. He/She reigned from year 1350 at the 1369, son of Alfonso XI and Doña María de Portugal. He/She was born in Burgos in 1334 and died in Montiel in 1369. He/She succeeded his father in 1350, when he/she was just 16 years old, and was proclaimed in Seville where he/she was with his mother, Doña María. Just taking the throne, he/she had to defeat a rebellion of his bastard brother, Enrique de Trastámara , who had taken over Algeciras; He/She suffocated after another that encouraged in Vizcaya Garcilaso and other nobles, by killing him and the principal chiefs. He/She met cortes in Valladolid, in which ordering is arranged for farmers and artisans, was recognized again and published the ordering of Alcala done by Alfonso XI, and agreed that procurators of Toledo had the privilege of speaking before the de Burgos.

He had to stifle new rebellions of his brothers Enrique and Tello, as well as that of Alfonso Fernández Coronel, who was raised in Aguilar, and instructed who to kill.

He married in 1353 Blanca of Bourbon, niece of the King of France, Juan II, to which abandoned the same day wedding, to return with María de Padilla, his lover and who already had children. Shortly after fell in love with Juana de Castro, and forcing two bishops to declare his marriage to Blanca, broken by terror became marry Juana, although it left her very shortly afterwards. To put an end to these disorders, the Queen Mother Doña María joined the party of malcontents, made everyone will declare in favour of the White Queen, and calling the King Bull, made fire their favorites and almost prisoner arrested him also. But Pedro managed to escape, drove out of bull to his brothers, killing many of his supporters, moved to white from Toledo, where he/she had her dam, Sigüenza, Jerez and Medina-Sidonia, where did it give death in 1361.

He beat and killed the Moorish King of Granada, abuse the Bermejo, resetting on the throne to Muhammad V, dethroned by the former. Having entered Spain Enrique of Trastamara, who had gone to France to seek aid, it was proclaimed King of Castile in Burgos, and brought many other cities to his party. Forced Pedro to take refuge in Bayonne, then domain of England, returned shortly afterwards accompanied the Prince of Wales, Eduardo, called the Black Prince, and together defeated in Nájera, in 1367, the army of Henry with what forced him again to take refuge in France. But returning this later with reinforcements, was easily obey cities that already had hailed him, and fell to Pedro to a hurry situation without that I could avoid this the help of the Moorish King Mahomad. Besieged in the castle of Montiel, without hope of defending themselves, made through one of his knights, Men Rodríguez, offer great riches to Bertrand Du Guesclin, French captain in the service of Henry, which immediately gave part to his Lord, agreeing both that Beltran would apparently accept treatment, in order to get out of the castle to Pedro, and in effectjust became the store of Du Guesclin, accompanied by Men Rodríguez, Pedro came Enrique, and killed his brother with the help of one of its partial. By cutting off the head, exposed her body in the battlements of the castle of Montiel; then they sent her to Seville, burying the body in Montiel, where it was then transferred to Puebla de Alcocer, and finally to the convent of Santo Domingo of Madrid. This resulted in the end of the legitimate branch of the House of Burgundy and began the illegitimate branch of Trastámara.(See battle of Montiel)