Biography of Zar de Rusia Pedro II (1715-1730)

Russia Tsar of the Romanov Dynasty, born in Petersburgo on 23 October 1715 and died in Moscow January 29, 1730.

Pjotr Aleksejewitsch (in Russian) was the only son of Alejo (grandson of Pedro I the great) and of Sofía Carlota of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel (who died a few days after his birth). Dead Pedro I, was elected to the throne to Catherine II, the second wife of this. However, he/she died at the same time in 1727, so Pedro was crowned on May 6, when he/she was only eleven years old. Given his young age, the Regency would exert it a Council (Supreme Council) of which a part their relatives Ana Ivanovna (daughter of Iván V) and Elizabeth Petrovna (daughter of Pedro I); initially had the main weight Alejandro Menshikov, who had been followers of Pedro el Grande, but shortly afterwards it would be exiled to Siberia with his family. Pedro II released his grandmother (the first woman of the Tsar Pedro I) Eudoxia and moved the Court and the Council to Moscow in January 1728. Promised on November 30, 1729, with Catalina Dolgorukova (aged 18), did not consummate the marriage because in January of 1730 cooled it during a military magazine and died of smallpox a few days later, precisely on the day set for the wedding, with only fifteen years of age. He/She was buried in the Cathedral of the Archangel in the Moscow Kremlin. For its undoubted personal qualities was mourned by everyone (especially for what should be his wife, Catalina) even long after his death. Its relative Anna Ivanovnasucceeded him.


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