Biography of Andri Peer (1921-1985)

Swiss writer, born in Sent in 1921 and died in Winterthur in 1985. He studied philology and was Professor of Institute. Connoisseur of literature and new trends in the poetry of the 20th century, managed to break with the traditional forms and finishes linguistic models, thus giving rise to a renewal of the Romansh lyric. His first book of poems appeared in 1946, Trais-cha dal temp (dance of the time). Until his death published fourteen more, including L'Alba (alba, 1975) and poems (poems, 1977). Not only formally, but also thematically, lyric Peer is open to all, although greatly dominates the vision of the man of the 20th century which can not close our eyes to the barbarism. He also wrote narratives that reveals an attempt to escape the provincialism; However, Peer continued throughout his life closely attached to his homeland, fact which, along with the passage of time, is one of the most recurrent motifs in his literary work.