Biography of Candelaria Pérez (1810-1870)

Candelaria Pérez.

Chilean heroine, called Sergeant Candelaria, born in Santiago in 1810 and died on March 28, 1870 in the same city. Daughter of a humble craftsman, his academic was scarce, forcing her to work as a maid in the service of a Dutch family. He participated in his country's war with the Confederacy named as a soldier, spy and nurse.

In 1833 he settled in Peru with their employers, where found it the war against the Peru–Bolivian Confederation. There are enlisted as bartender and soldier in the army of general Manuel Bulnes. Given their knowledge of the Callao, served as Commander Roberto Simpson, who was in charge of the blockade of Callao, who, with ingenious costumes and attitudes, carried information of general Bulnes. Surprised, she was imprisoned in the Casemates of the alley, which was later released. Then participated in the battle of cerro Pan de Azúcar, at the battle of Yungay, on 20 January 1839. It was there where he earned the rank of Sergeant by the demonstrated value and where Chilean troops finally defeated the Confederation.

At the end of the war he returned to Chile with the troops and with the rank of Sergeant; She was then promoted to second lieutenant and was awarded a lifetime pension, which enjoyed until March 28, 1870, date in which died in Santiago de Chile.

The epitaph on his tomb, wrote the poet Luis Rodríguez Velasco:

"It lies under this cross, key of heaven, a heroic woman, extraordinariahonra of Chile in the Peruvian soil, brava and arrogant Sergeant Candelaria."

Remembering Yungay with so much zeal, the people she lift up a prayer, and yield to remind their noble historiallanto to his death and his name glory."