Biography of Marcos Pérez Jiménez (1914-2001)

Military and politician, dictator of Venezuela, born in the State of Tachira, Michelena population on 25 April 1914 and died in Alcobendas (Madrid) on September 20, 2001.

He attended primary school in his hometown, and the secondary, in Cúcuta, Colombia. In 1931, he/she entered the school military of Venezuela created by Gomez, where he/she graduated in 1934 with the rank of second lieutenant. Two years later he/she was promoted to Lieutenant. Between the years 1939 and 1941 he/she attended courses of specialization in Peru, at the school of artillery and command greater State of the Superior School of war. In 1941 he/she was promoted to captain.

On his return to Venezuela, he/she was a professor in the military school and taught from automatic weapons, ballistic weapons of infantry and artillery employment. He/She held various positions in the public administration, which allowed him to make the experience and necessary contacts to then take control of the nation.

In 1945 he/she participated in the coup that overthrew the Government of Isaías Medina Angarita, as Chief of the first section of the largest state. He/She was promoted to major and appointed Chief of the army. In 1948 he/she was appointed defence Minister and, that same year, he/she was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and participated in the coup against the Presidency of Rómulo Gallegos.

From the overthrow of Gallegos, formed part of the Governing Board and in 1952 proclaimed himself Provisional President of the Republic. The following year, the constituent National Assembly appointed him State President to the constitutional period 1953-1955. Thirty-nine-year-old became the youngest head of State in the world. In 1955 he/she was promoted to general of Brigade, and in 1957 to general of division. That same year, by plebiscite, he/she was again appointed President for the period 1958-1963, but on 23 January 1958 his Government was overthrown by the democratic forces of the country, which planned the removal of the regime perejimenista from previous years.

Pérez Jiménez fled the country along with his family to the United States. In 1963 he/she was extradited and imprisoned in the Modelo prison, for embezzlement of funds and speculation. In 1968, five years later, he/she was sentenced to four years of arrest. However, the day of the trial, was released on, by having already served the time of conviction. He/She left the country and settled in Spain. In the 1968 election, he/she managed to be elected Senator for the civic crusade nationalist party. However, not permitted to assume the position. Based on the number of votes obtained, Pérez Jiménez was launched as a presidential candidate for elections in 1973. The political parties of the time, feeling the threat of the return perejimenista, approved by law does not allow that any candidate for the Presidency, Senator or Deputy, who had served one three-year-old sentence it was appointed. Thus Pérez Jiménez came out of the political arena.