Biography of Arturo Pérez-Reverte (1951-VVVV)

Writer and Spanish journalist born on November 25, 1951 in Cartagena.

After an initial phase dedicated to journalism of action and the work of war correspondent, he/she opted for the narrative genre, which won extraordinary success of public and critics in Spain and abroad; in fact, his books have been published in more than twenty countries and have been translated into various languages.

His novels include the Hussar (1986), the master of fencing (1988), the Flanders Panel (1990), the club Dumas (1993), Comanche territory (1994) and the skin of the drum (1995). A series dedicated to the public youth, written in collaboration with his daughter Carlota, with Captain Alatriste - colleague and friend of Quevedo-starring began in November 1996. In November 1997 he/she published the second novel of the captain Alatriste series, titled blood cleaning, and just a year later came the third installment entitled the Sun of Breda, which has been used as motive of the plot the painting of Velázquez the surrender of Breda. Almost simultaneously with the appearance of his new novel, was awarded twice: awarded the Raymond Chandler 1998, in Italy, and was named a Knight of the order of Arts and letters by the French Republic.

At the beginning of April 2000 published his next novel long, the spherical carte (Mediterranean 2001 Prize and Medal of the Academy of the French Navy 2002) a book about the sea and a tribute to the Mediterranean, which broke sales records a week living in the libraries. On 3 November of the same year, first published on the Internet and then in traditional format, the Golden King, the fourth installment of the adventures of Alatriste. In the spring of 2002 he/she gave to the printing press, the Queen of the South and, a year later, again placed captain in bookstores with the yellow doublet Knight.

On January 23, 2003 was elected by a large majority (26 votes) and 4 white member of the Royal Spanish Academy of language, to occupy the Chair "T", vacant since the death of Manuel Alvar in August 2001. On June 12 of that year, he/she joined with a speech inspired by golden age prison jargon.

In 2004 he/she won the González-Ruano of journalism prize for his article "A window to the war", published on 3 May 2003 in the weekly Sunday supplement. Also in 2004 published Cape Trafalgar (a naval tale), a recreation of the famous battle between the armed Spanish-French and English that allows the author to reflect on the significance of that disaster in the history of Spain.

In 2006 hit bookstores the painter of battles, which revolves around three different themes: art, science and war. It is a novel that is very different from the previous ones, with very little action and also few scenarios, and where the dialogues are essential. That same year, on the other hand, premiered the film Alatriste, starring Viggo Mortensen and directed by Agustín Díaz Yanes, which chronicles the adventures of the character created by Pérez-Reverte.