Biography of Juan Domingo Perón Sosa (1895-1974)

Juan Perón.

Military and Argentine politician. Elected President of the Republic, dominated the political life of the country from 1944 until his death.

He was born in Lobos, in 1895. He/She studied at the Colegio Militar national, where he/she obtained the grade of second lieutenant of infantry. Later, he/she joined the school's staff, where he/she worked in the years 1929 and 1930. During the following six years he/she worked as Professor at the Superior School of war.

Between the years 1939 and 1941 was added military of Argentina in the Italy of Mussolini. On his return, he/she was appointed director of the mountain training centre and becomes leader of the Group of official Unidos (GOU), nationalist and anti-Communist character.

His political career began as a result of their participation in the coup of June 4, 1943, time which adopts a dominant position in the military Government, which was appointed Minister of war and of labour and welfare, since he/she promulgated social laws that allowed her to reach out to the working class and control the powerful General Labour Confederation (CGT).

In 1944 is the Vice-President of the Republic and the most popular political figure in his country. Section of power in 1945 and confined in the Martín García Island, the village of Buenos Aires claims the Colonel of the people. His wife, Eva Duarte, the descamisados summons and, after the famous March on October 17, 1945, able to return triumphantly to the federal capital, where elected President during the period 1946-1951.

Public act of Eva Perón in Spain.

During his first term, which was influenced in a relevant way the work of his wife, especially at the social level, improved the living conditions of the workers, promoted the industrialization of the country, controlled the trade and nationalized the railway and the media. Peronism is won, above all, the allegiance of the working class.

Re-elected in 1951, he/she developed a new political creed known as the PJ, which sought to overcome the opposition between classes, capitalist and proletarian.

In 1955 he/she was overthrown by a coup d ' état led by general Lonardi and the Red Admiral, being forced to flee the country. He/She was exiled in Paraguay, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and, finally, in Spain, installing his residence in Madrid, where continued to be the head of the Peronist movement, who worked incessantly by returning to the general in charge of the President.

After seventeen years of absence, he/she returned to his country on 17 November 1972, return that began to prepare his third wife, María Estela Martínez de Perón, in 1965.El on September 24, 1973 was elected, again, President of the nation by a popular majority.

He ruled together with his new wife, then Vice President of the country, until June 29, 1974, when that ceded presidential powers to María Estela. Days later, he/she died in Buenos Aires and its successor would be in power until the new hit military March, 1976.

Author of various works, published, among others, the force is the right of the beasts (1956) and the reality of a year of tyranny (1957).

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