Biography of River Phoenix (1970-1993)

American actor born on August 23, 1970 in Madras (Oregon) and died on October 31, 1993 in Hollywood. His full name was River Jude Bottom.

Raised in a peculiar family, his father had been Carpenter and his Secretary mother, but soon left it all in pursuit of a hippie life that took them to California to work as day laborers in the collection of fruit. When River was two years old, the family joined a sect known as "God's children" and moved to Venezuela where the father served as Archbishop of the sect. In 1977 the family returned to New York and there changed his surname, Bottom, by the Phoenix. Four of his brothers, like him, were started as actors, encouraged by his parents. Since childhood he grew to play guitar and formed his own group, Aleka completo Attic, with his sister Rain.

River began as an actor in television series as seven brides for seven brothers (1982) or Robert Kennedy and his times (1985). His film debut came with Explorers (1985), a fantastic adventure to the orders of Joe Dante, where it was also discovered the actor Ethan Hawke. Phoenix won the Young Artist Award for her performance in this film. His next title, count with me (1986), by Bob Reiner, definitely exalted you as one of the young talents of the time. The story, based on a short story by Stephen King, was nominated for the Oscar as best adapted screenplay. His next film was the coast of mosquitoes (1986), next to Harrison Ford, Helen Miren and what would become the first pair of the actor, Martha Plimpton. Directed by Australian Peter Weir, the film returned to provide Phoenix Young Artist Award. Somewhere in nowhere (1988), directed by Sydney Lumet gave him the opportunity to deepen their dramatic vein of disoriented boy, who already had broken out on the coast of the mosquitoes, a role played with success that led him to spy without identity (1988), along with Sydney Poitier. In 1989 she played a young Indiana Jones in the third installment of the series, Indiana Jones and the last crusade. His appearance made history in a tribute that the own Steven Spielberg rendered to his own experience as a Boy Scout.

Trying to not being enclosed in any type of foil, successively participated in a Lawrence Kasdancomedy, I will love you until you kill (1990), and a tape of author directed by Gus Van Sant, my private Idaho (1991), which adapted texts of Shakespeare and that provided the actor Independent Spirit Award.

The recognition of Phoenix as a mature actor came precisely in the Decade of the nineties. Along with Robert Redford starred in the snoopers (1992), a blend of action, comedy, thriller and romance, which brought him back with Sydney Poitier.

1993, the last year of his life, was very prolific. He worked in that thing called love, Peter Bogdanovich, and silent tongue, Sam Shepard. Unfortunately, heart failure due to an overdose at the door of the club of his friend, the actor Johnny Depp, put an end to a career that ventured intense actor.

Idol of thousands of young people all over the world, Phoenix outlined as the excellent actor who was getting to be. His next project would have been interview with the vampire (1994), Neil Jordan. Christian Slater played its role, and donated his salary to charities attending Phoenix.

The summer before his death Phoenix recorded an album titled Never Odd or Even (a Palindrome that can be read in both directions), which was never edited.


1985: Explorers. 1986: Count on me; The mosquito coast. 1988: Somewhere in nowhere; The girls of Jimmy Reardon; Spies without identity. 1989: Indiana Jones and the last crusade. 1990: Love you until you kill. 1991: My private Idaho; Dogfight; Teen Vid II. 1992: The prying eyes; Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. 1993: That thing called love; Dark Blood; Silent tongue; Cancelled Lives: Letter from The Inside.

Works for television

1982: Seven brides for seven brothers (series); Family Ties (episode: My Tutor). 1983: Hotel (episode: Transitions). 1984: Celebrity; Backwards: The Riddle for Dyslexia; It completo Your Move (episode: Pilot). 1985: Robert Kennedy and his times (series); Surviving. 1986: Circle of Violence: A Family Drama.


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