Biography of Píndaro (518-438 a.C)

Greek poet. He was born in Cynoscephalae, Thebes, and died in Argos. He belonged to a noble family. In Athens he was teacher to Apollodorus, Agathocles and Hermione Laso. His first composition dates from 498 and is titled Pitica X, for Hipocles of Thessaly. It sang to Athens, although he showed indifference during the Persian wars. The Olympic victory of Hieron next Barquilides held in the 476. The Pitica VIII SYNs dated the 446. He used many of lyric forms: hymns, peanes, ditirambos, commendations, trains and epinicios. Currently there are four books of the Epinicios, i.e. 45 Odes, in addition to 350 fragments. The Epinicios are songs to the winning athletes; they are accompanied by a choir and playing the lyre and flute. Its structure is uniform: the first element is the winner and his family; the second is the myth; the third element is the statement. It used a dense language of tropos, mixed different dialects and gave input to many Homeric elements. It influenced both Horacio Goethe and Hölderlin.