Biography of Papa y Santo Pío V (1504-1572)

Antonio called Michele Ghislieri. He/She was born at Bosco, Diocese of Tortona in the Milan, in 1504 and died in Rome, may 1, 1572. His parents were poor farmers, Pablo Ghislieri and Domenica Augeria, though fearful of God. At the age of fourteen he/she entered the order of preachers, and received the name of Pius. He/She then studied theology and philosophy in Bologna, and in 1528 was ordered priest in Genoa and moved to the monastery of Pavia, where he/she taught philosophy and theology for several years; He/She was elected prior of the convents of his order, two times of Vigevano, and Sonzino and Alba. He/She was appointed general of the Supreme Inquisition of faith in Lombardy, and later, in 1551, Commissioner-general of the same. In 1556 he/she was consecrated Bishop of Nepi and Sutri, and raised to the cardinalship in the following year. Elected the year 1566 Pope to succeed Pope Pius IV, he/she kept his name and his Dominican habit. From this moment big decision continued the reform begun by the Council of Trent; It promoted the propagation of the faith and the sunset the day of the liturgy; the publication of the Roman catechism and the theological formation of the clergy in seminaries. One of his first tasks was to organize the papal court by putting it in harmony with its simplicity, and was a model of virtue and self-sacrifice; He/She wore a monastic robe of wool under Pontifical habits and made use of a pallet of straw for single bed. His work is also the achievement of organizing the Holy League, formed by the Papal States of Spain and Venice, who defeated the Turks in the battle of Lepanto. He/She worked tirelessly to protect faith and dignify the cult. Pius V Holy died May 1, 1572, after six years, three months and 23 days of pontificate. Gregory XIIIsucceeded him. He/She was canonized by Clement XI in 1712. His feast is celebrated on May 5.