Biography of Papa Pío VIII (1761-1830)

He was born in Cingoli, Italy, (1761); his real name was Francesco Saverio Castiglioni. He/She studied in Bologna and Rome Canon law, along with Monsignor Devoti; He/She also studied archeology and numismatics; He/She was vicar general of Anagni, Cingoli, and provost of his hometown. In 1800 Pope Pius VII named him Bishop of Montalto. In 1816 he/she was promoted to the cardinalship and transferred to the Bishop of Cesena. Already in 1823 was one of the candidates, but he/she was not elected until after the reign of León XII. He/She occupied the Throne from 1829-1830, succeeding Pope Leo XII. His brief pontificate was distinguished by the fight against Jansenism and secret societies. French Catholics allowed the pledge of allegiance to Luis Felipe de Orleáns. Pius VIII was a Pope of modest character, deep science, with resignation of martyr, but the game effortlessly from the Warrior, so necessary in those days. He/She reigned only twenty months, although not without its reign of remarkable facts, both in Great Britain, where he/she contributed to the passage of the Catholic Emancipation Bill, as in Brazil, where dispelled the threats of this Government against the Church and Astini nuncio; accredited in Portugal recognized don Miguel as King and restored the diplomatic relations; in Prussia it deter Catholics from the custom of intermarriage. His last months of life were painful because of the events of the High Rhine and France. His successor Gregory XVIwas who confronted the revolution. Pius VIII died on November 30, 1830.