Biography of Papa y Santo Pío X (1903-1914)

Giuseppe Sarto, born in the village of Riese (1835), located in the region of Veneto, in a very humble family. At age 15 he/she entered the Seminary of Padua, and 23 was ordained priest. It began as a coadjutor in Tombolo and then parish priest at Salzano. He/She was 40 years old and he/she was appointed Canon of Trévise; later he/she was Bishop of Mantua and then Patriarch of Venice. In 1903, when he/she was 68 years old, he/she was elected Pope, succeeding Leo XIII. It was adopted as the motto of his pontificate: Instaurare omnia in Christo, which worked intensely with Evangelical simplicity of spirit, poverty, thus giving a further increase to the life of the Church, setting up all things in Christ. His pontificate was glorious, abundant in fruits. Their first concern was to ensure a good spiritual and intellectual formation to the clergy, which established the Faculty of Canon law at the seminar. It undertook the reform of religious music, channeled the Catholic action, promoted frequent communion, even of children, reformed the code of Canon law, supported the reform of the clergy and the Roman curia and created the Bible Institute.

In defense of the Catholic faith, he/she had to fight also against the doctrinal errors infiltrating therein to the sideways from a purported modernism. He/She died on August 20, 1914, after a pontificate of eleven years and sixteen days. Benedict XVsucceeded him. He/She was beatified and canonized by Pope Pius XII. His feast is celebrated on August 21.