Biography of Pirrón de Elis (365-275 a.C.)

Greek philosopher, lived in 4th century BC It is considered founder of the skepticism, also known as pyrrhonism. Any of his writing is not known, but his thinking gave us his pupil Timon of Phlius. Testimonials are also on his doctrine in Cicero, Diógenes Laércio and Eusebio de Cesarea.

The thought of Pyrrho focuses on the theme of happiness and its achievement through philosophy. Pyrrho said that things were "indifferent, without measure and indistinguishable". I.e. that the opinions or feelings can penetrate them. Faced with this reality the consequence for the man will be delete perceptions, inclinations, and disorders. The result will be, first the aphasia, ensure nothing neither affirmative nor negatively, then the ataraxia, stiff upper lip that is the end of philosophical research.

Pyrrhonism reached its splendour between the centuries I BC to 2nd ad